I remember it clearly, standing next to a woman in Barcelona at a dinner party, chatting about the upcoming vote. Even though the event which should have decided Catalonian independence came and went, it was all we could talk about.

A year ago we were living in Barcelona. The illegal vote, which was supposed to determine Catalonian independence from Spain, happened. The weather on the mediterranean was fantastic. In my journal, I noted the patio door was wide open in

When people ask us this question, they are somewhat shy, assuming everyone asks the same thing. We agree, yes that is what happens. We all laugh. And then there is silence. An expectant pause, waiting for the answer. That part

At a seminar I recently attended, each new speaker introduced themselves by way of what they called PechaKucha. Since the organization had so many unique words of their own creation, I assumed this was an invented practice. But, it turns

After using various forms of public transit, in many cities around the world, over the past year, it was a refreshing experience to ride the local routes. In fact, I am not an experienced consumer of the commuter options here