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  • What was your favourite stop?

    What was your favourite stop?

    When people ask us this question, they are somewhat shy, assuming everyone asks the same thing. We agree, yes that is what happens. We all laugh. And then there is silence. An expectant pause, waiting for the answer. That part has become funnier still, for me anyway. How is it possible to distill all those…

  • Travel changes a person

    Travel changes a person

    At a seminar I recently attended, each new speaker introduced themselves by way of what they called PechaKucha. Since the organization had so many unique words of their own creation, I assumed this was an invented practice. But, it turns out that is not the case. “PechaKucha is a real thing”, one presenter told me. …

  • Up, down & sideways :) thoughts on long-term travel

    Up, down & sideways 🙂 thoughts on long-term travel

    After 277 days since leaving our home and saying goodbye to life as we knew it, we are staring down the last 48 days until we move back. We have 2 more countries and 4 cities locked and loaded for the remaining time we will spend abroad. We are trying to pack in as much…