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  • The morning ruckus

    The morning ruckus

    I should know better than to leave so many things to do for the morning rush hour. I leave myself an hour to get up, ready and out the door. Which seems like enough time. It should be enough time. But, I always seem to be rushing around. I even walked away from the blender…

  • A year of the morning pages

    A year of the morning pages

    July 2, 2017 I wrote my first 3 morning pages. Sitting on our back deck in the sun, diligently following the instructions of Julia Cameron. She prescribes 3 pages, no more, no less. Writing must be done in long hand. Julia only had a hunch about why that was important, the brain research would come…

  • Greater creativity promised, write 3 pages

    Greater creativity promised, write 3 pages

    I have looked at the book, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, many times in my local White Rock bookstore. I have picked it up, flipped it over and read the back summary. Then put it back on the shelf, so close to buying it many times. I’ve had excuses lingering in my mind. Money…