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  • Vegetables can shine?

    Vegetables can shine?

    As we move through the fall season, descending into the darkness of winter, the root vegetables start to shine again. But some roots are far more prominent that others. In fact, there is almost an inverse pyramid of root vegetables where most people eat across the base with a certain amount of regularity, moving towards…

  • Green sauce in place of ketchup

    Green sauce in place of ketchup

    The definition of a condiment has something to do with enhancing flavor and enjoyment. I would have to agree with that. In the condiment category there are so many options to choose from. You start out as a youngster with ketchup. A mystery combination of ingredients suspended in a tomato base. My children choked down…

  • Bakery treat for breakfast

    Bakery treat for breakfast

    “Fresh popcorn is near impossible to resist, second only to fresh doughnuts.” ― Shannon Wiersbitzky, “What Flowers Remember” Have you ever wondered if it were possible to make doughnuts at home with a quick and easy recipe? If that were not a tall enough order, could they also be made in such a way where…