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We are on the downhill run now. We have successfully packed up and cleaned our home of 15 years, no easy task. For weeks, I have been slowly putting stuff into storage, a little at a time. It might have

Starting at the bottom of my journey map, in the middle is the column titled SELF and the biggest box is called 'SLEEP / REST'. We all know how much better we feel when we have a great sleep and how terrible it feels when we don't. Even if you are a star sleeper, you have probably had life circumstances which have thrown you for a loop. Things like having a baby in the house or long haul travel over many time zones. Those were my 2 big call to action problems. It was a shock to my system, to all of a sudden be sleeping so poorly in those circumstances.

There is no way to write about shopping in London, when I live so far away in Canada, without sounding a bit pretentious. It is a stroke of amazing luck and circumstance that I have been able to wrangle a