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  • The road to CreaSpaTreat

    The road to CreaSpaTreat

    I have had my head down writing for what seems like weeks. Every morning on the bus ride into Vancouver, lunch time if I can manage it, sometimes in the evening and every weekend – my attention has been focused on writing the CreaSpaTreat workbook. This will become a really cool multi-media looking piece which…

  • The cure is in our wisdom

    The cure is in our wisdom

    What if we did not need anymore new drugs to be developed or any new medical treatments to be found? What if the key to a healthy life, was in our personal wisdom? Imagine being able to live another decade, or more than you might have otherwise? If you knew this to be true, would…

  • Why don’t they teach wellness in school?

    Why don’t they teach wellness in school?

    As we travel the world and naturally discover so many new things from day-to-day, I am struck by the absurdity of what my kids are learning as part of their core curriculum. In a fast paced, ever-changing world, who cares whether or not you can simplify a polynomial expression? I’ve been asking that kind of…